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Where to find the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Claim link on your Government Gateway

UPDATE: There is a new link now available that takes you to your log on screen and straight through to the claim section – hooray! You an find it at: (Scroll down to the green “Claim now” box.)

Today (Monday, 20th April), the long awaited Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Claim portal has gone live which is great news for Employers who need urgent help to pay their staff in this crazy time.

Sadly, HMRC have not made the portal very easy to find so here is my quick guide:

🍊 Log in to your Government Gateway Account

🍊 Under “PAYE for employers” (if available) click
View tax codes or notices and set up alerts

🍊 On the LEFT HAND SIDE in green writing, under “PAYE” click
At a glance

🍊 On the RIGHT in blue writing click
Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

🍊 Then follow through the steps and enter the required information.

Claims can only be submitted once per pay period (week/fortnight/month). With that in mind and with many people needing to claim for some of March’s payments too, I suggest the “Claim Period” is set from the day that the first member of staff was put on to furlough and the end date is your pay date for April’s tax month (this could be up to 5th May) / the current week or fortnight’s pay day.

For further information, please see:

I hope this is of some help and good luck!

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