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Why should I outsource my payroll?
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Zest Payroll

Our Payroll Services

Zest Payroll Solutions can take care of:

  • Net pay calculations
  • Payslips
  • All Real Time Information (RTI) Submissions
  • Processing starters and leavers (including P45s)
  • Statutory Maternity Pay / Statutory Paternity Pay (SMP / SPP) calculations
  • Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) calculations
  • Your PAYE calculations (Tax and National Insurance due) and tell you when it needs to be paid by
  • All HMRC correspondence (apart from the late payment notices – you’re on your own with those)
  • Payroll reports suited to your requirements
  • Processing staff’s P60s
  • Payroll legislation advice
  • Registering you with HMRC as a new Employer if applicable

How does it work?

  • Complete a few forms to enable us to act as your payroll agent, and supply proof of your identity.
  • Give us details of your Employees and provide a P45 or P46 tax form for each of them (or their year to date figures if we are taking over a payroll already in operation)

Once we are all set up:

  • Each month you submit by email or call us with details of your staff’s hours/salary, overtime, sickness etc.
  • Zest Payroll Solutions will then process your payroll and will return payslips and reports swiftly to enable you to make payments to your employees by your chosen payment method.
  • We will also advise how much PAYE is due to HMRC on a monthly basis.

    HMRC do not recommend you change your payroll software mid-way through a tax year.  It can cause duplicate RTI submissions which can create all sorts of problems for both yourself as the employer and for your staff.
    Due to this, Zest Payroll Solutions can no longer take over a payroll if it has already been run since 6th April  unless it has been run on the Iris Payroll Professional software (formally Star Payroll Professional).
    This does not affect new PAYE schemes which are set up mid-tax year.